Mrs Brown's Family Handbook - B. O'Carroll

Genre: Comedy/Irish Culture/Fiction
Synopsis: Mrs Brown's Family Handbook, the first official book from Brendan O'Carroll's brilliant comic creation, is filled with useful advice and gives us a unique look into the lives of the Brown family. Millions of us have wondered how Agnes Brown does it. Keeping her end up while seven grown-up children tear about the fecking place like the eejits haven't got a home to go to. Packed with Mammy's tips for keeping a perfect family, or at least a family, as well as contributions from her children, neighbours and other hangers on, Mrs Brown's Family Handbook dispenses advice in her own inimical fecking style.


Review: Installment #837 in my Mrs Brown's Boys binge, and due to my love of books written by fictional characters as if they're real (Leslie Knope - Pawnee!) I decided to give this a go. Overall, everything I've read so far relating to MBB has been mediocre at best - a mishmash of small bits which make me crack up laughing which don't gel well with each other. This is no different, but it was still absolutely worth a read.

The first couple of sections, about tea and teatowels, absolutely had me in stitches. The sections on cleaning and family occasions not so much. That said, I put it down for a couple of days to start something else, and when I picked it back up, I found it much funnier; so perhaps it is one not best read all at once, but rather one to dip in and out to when you find yourself in need of a laugh.

Definitely a good representation of Irish humour, just not a great one.

Rating: 3/5

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