Someone To Save You - Paul Pilkington

Genre: Thriller
Synopsis: A car astride the railway track as an express train approaches at high speed. In the front seat, a woman seemingly determined to end her life. In the back, her two young children are oblivious to the impending disaster. For talented young heart surgeon, Sam Becker, his heroic actions to save the family mark the beginning of a nightmare. A nightmare that will rip open old wounds, bring him face to face with ghosts from the past, and endanger those he cares for the most. A nightmare linked to the brutal murder of his sister, fifteen years ago.


Review: This is another thriller I grabbed for free off Kindle Unlimited, so my expectations weren't very high. They were still too high.

This is a fast paced mystery thriller in which one man's life seems suddenly to be at the centre of a giant conspiracy theory spanning more than a decade, beginning with the murder of his sister. In a desperate 'you-can't-trust-anyone' race to find out the actual perpetrator of the madness, Sam chases up several leads which are all tied in to the attempted destruction of his career and life. With the support of a couple of close friends (whom the reader, in the endless paranoia induced by the story, will end up suspecting) and a kindly police officer, Sam gradually begins to piece everything together.

It's a complex but not overly complicated plot, with a protagonist I did actually like and some peripheral characters I found at least intriguing if not likeable. It is however A) off the wall and B) explained away by possibly the worst reveal I've ever read anywhere ever. It just in absolutely no way provides a motivation for the sheer scale of everything that happens in the book, and renders everything that comes before it utterly unbelieveable.

I read to the end, but that did become a struggle at one point when I put it down for a couple of days.

Nyeh. It was okay.

Rating: 2/5

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