Contamination: Book Zero - T. W. Piperbrook

Genre: Horror/Post-Apocalyptic
Synopsis: The infection starts with Frank, one of the locals at the town bar. In just a few hours, it has consumed the entire town. Dan Lowery, one of only four police officers in St. Matthews, soon realizes he is no match for the impending destruction. Violence and bloodshed litter the streets, and the infected roam freely. No one is safe here—not even his family. Somewhere, someone knows what is happening, and about the horrors to come…but is it too late?


Review: I flipped back and forth between 3 stars and 3.5 stars on this one. Giving it 3.5 however, I think, would have been due to my own bias in favour of books like this. Realistically, I can't give it more than 3, however enjoyable it was.

This novella is a prequel to (apparently) a trilogy of books, which I decided to read as it was available for free for Kindle. (As it turns out, the other three books are free too in a set, so I got them, although I don't know if I will read them.) A quick, easy read, Contamination is a fairly run-of-the-mill 'the zombies are coming' story which reminds me of just about every other one out there. I happen to love stories like this, no matter how generic they are, so I really enjoyed reading this. I will admit the characterization leaves a little to be desired, but I really enjoyed the couple of small twists that are included and am curious about the cause of the contamination. One cause is suggested in the novella, but by the end I'm not entirely sure it is the real reason.

The events are fairly exciting - again, nothing mind-blowingly original, but also nothing I outright expected. Then again, I'm pretty easy to lead on! I definitely think, if zombie apocalypses are your thing, this novella is worth a read. It's short and free so will cost you little time and no money, and you can decide yourself if the relatively mediocre standard is acceptable for continuing with the rest of the series.

Rating: 3/5

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